Welcome to Bloom Childcare!

YWhy are we different?
*Flexibilty in scheduling

*Higher safety considerations
*Child led day
*Organic food
*No sick day charges
*No holiday charges
*Regular child assessments
*Great Start state rated and monitered!
*Regular daily updates

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Welcome to Bloom

Full day of care
| 7 am4-pm (6:30 with a fee)
A full day of care here at Bloom includes a breakfast, snacktime, lunch, and additional snacktime after lunch. Naptime is offered after lunch and the child's traditional sleep times ARE respected, whether that be before lunch or late afternoon. We alternate between an array of planned but flexible activities. Exploring through the vast and interesting world of Montessori and the Regalia methods, children are introduced to new and abstract concepts without being pushed. Children are free to explore in a large safe room that leads to a an open dinng area. The bathroom is nearby and accomodates children that are potty training.
1/2 day of care
| 4.5 hours or less
We are here for you if you need 2 hours or 5 hours. Half-day rate applies for 4.5 hours or less. Individual rates for those that just want an hour or two to run an errand. *enrollment for safety and state considerations still required.
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Tel.: 734-474-8733

Email: aalittlelady008@gmail.com

35180 Ridge Street
Richmond, MI 48062